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This is a custom-tailored plan so you can generate more leads, sales, and profits. My team of trained online marketing experts and I will do the following for you:

  • Build a customer Keyword List. The list is based on your services, service area and search trends. We’ll use our state-of-the-art tools to find the most searched-for Law Firm and Attorney services and keywords. And we’ll show you which keywords will drive the most traffic to your website.

  • Run a Ranking Report. You’ll see exactly where your firm currently ranks online for those “money” keywords… that… will bring in hot prospects.

  • Review Your Website Optimization. You get a complete analysis and explanation of why your website is not ranking at the top of the search engines. More importantly, we’ll show you how to launch it to the top so your best prospects see it.

  • Review Your Website Conversion . You’ll discover what might be turning website visitors off… and… how to turn them into incoming service calls.

  • Incorporate our Digital Dominance Method. We will outline step-by-step how you can leverage the internet for more calls, leads and profits.

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We can get you more Potential New Clients NOW

Getting online is easy. Succeeding online is a different story. You’ll need more than just a beautiful website to stand out these days. With our conversion-based web design coupled with a lead generating marketing plan, your Law Firm's online success is inevitable.

PNC Now Digital Dominance Method


The key to an effective SEO strategy for your law firm is fresh, unique content. We will incorporate that fresh content into the website with proper on-page optimization. Once design, development, content and on-page SEO work is complete, the only way to get your site to rise above the competition is by building authority and relevance with quality inbound links. We will systematically develop inbound links from quality sources on your behalf via Competitive Link Acquisition, Article Distribution, Video Distribution and a variety of other sources in the industry, then design your website accordingly. For a free SEO report of our law firm, click below.

2.PPC (Pay Per Click)

There are few things more powerful than the combination of effective design, strong copy, SEO & Google AdWords. Let’s face it, you want high-quality leads on a consistent basis and you need results sooner than later. By rolling out an effective pay-per-click campaign we can start to generate highly qualified leads right out of the gates as soon as your new website is complete. There are a lot of moving parts involved in running an effective PPC campaign. We will manage the entire process for you, including setting up the ad groups, selecting the proper keywords, writing effective text ads and mapping everything to the most compelling landing page. On an ongoing basis we will review and update your text ads, keywords, bids and landing pages to maximize conversion and return on investment.

3. Retargeting

Potential clients search for law firms on Google and other traditional search engines. When they do, we can retarget them on social media to make your firm more visible, seen across multiple platforms.

4. Repeat Customers

The PNC Now App makes reaching out to current and previous customers effortless. Automated email and SMS text communications will keep your firm at the forefront of your clients mind, keeping them coming back and referring you to others.

Omnipresent Marketing

5. Omnipresence

You want your firm to be present and recognized across multiple platforms so that when clients and potential clients are searching online, they are seeing your firm. You will be seen as the authority in your area of law and it drive clients to you. You want to be omnipresent, present in as much digital space as possible online.

6. Social Media

We leverage your existing social media profiles on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Google to make you and your firm the authority in your area of law. Our team will consistently post to the major social media sites on your behalf, allowing you to focus on your business and keeping your customers happy.

7. Referrals & Reputation

Your online reputation is critical to the success or failure of your internet marketing efforts. To that end, we put a reputation management system in place to alert you as new reviews are posted (Good, Bad or Indifferent). This way we can be aware of and address the occasional negative review & syndicate the positive reviews to share the good word. Our “positive review” syndication tool will be set up to automatically post the good reviews on your website and social media profiles.

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